Men charged in robbery, kidnapping

Published 4:40 am Friday, June 1, 2007

By Staff
Parker already held on two murder counts
Staff Writer
Two Washington cousins were charged Tuesday with an armed robbery in which a man was badly beaten and left injured on the floor of his home on Feb. 9.
Kam Mondrell Parker, 18, of 305 Van Norden St., Washington and Shawn Michael Foskey, 23, of 102 Daniels Court, Washington, were charged with assault with intent to kill, first-degree kidnapping and robbery with a dangerous weapon, according to the Pitt County Sheriff’s Office. The incident happened at the River Creek Mobile Home Park, which has a Washington address, but is near the Pitt County line.
The victim worked late at night cleaning doctors’ offices, Moore said. He was coming home from work around 3 a.m. on Feb. 9 when two men “approached him in the yard with handguns pulled,” Moore said.
The man was forced into his home, where he was robbed of money and electronics equipment, then beaten. Parker and Foskey are accused of the crimes, according to the sheriff’s office.
“When he didn’t have what they wanted, they became angry,” Moore said. The robbers attacked the man with there hands, feet and whatever they could find around the home.
The man remained on the floor until his family members discovered him around 4 p.m. that day in February, according to a written statement.
Because of the location of the incident, Moore worked closely with the Washington Police Department. He and Detective Steve Waters worked together on the case.
At the time of his arrest, Parker was already in custody at the Pitt County Detention Center on a separate murder charge.
On Jan. 18, John Scott Alligood, 21, was shot during a robbery at his home in Greenville and died Feb. 27. Parker and three other Washington men were charged with the murder on May 1.
Before the Alligood charge, Parker was being held at the Beaufort County Detention Center on another murder charge. Patricia Brooks Clark, 52, of Washington was found dead on Feb. 19 from a gunshot wound in her car on Seventh Street in Washington. Parker turned himself in on Feb. 24 at the Washington Police Department.
Moore said, “Parker was on a crime spree.”
Both Foskey and Parker, who Moore said are cousins, are being held on $1 million bonds for the Feb. 9 robbery.