Bullets’ Frey named WDN Hitter of the Year

Published 8:34 am Friday, June 22, 2007

By By BRIAN HAINES, Sports Writer
JAMESVILLE — With the help of confidence, companionship and of cookie dough ice cream, Jamesville’s Tiffany Frey raised her batting average over 25 points from last year and helped lead the Bullets (17-2) to a Tideland Conference title in 2007.
Frey’s ice cream dreams led her to a .421 batting average this season, and it also helped the slugger ice the WDN Softball Hitter of the Year award.
Entering her junior year, Frey, who has been a member of the Bullets’ varsity team since she was a freshman, was being asked to contribute more than ever. As as sophomore in 2006, Frey batted in the sixth spot and had a successful season, but this year she would be asked to bat second.
Sensing the young table-setter might be wound a little tight, senior teammate Brittany Ange came up with a proposition that would eventually join a long list of Bullets’ superstitions.
Ange’s proposal was an instant success, though after the monster year Frey had, she might have had to take up a second job just to keep her promise. With the help of Ben and Jerry’s and Ange’s wallet, the junior slugger batted over .400 and belted in 24 RBIs, second on the team to Ange.
Superstitions runs rampant in baseball as well as softball, from the pro’s down to the preps. Hall of Famer Wade Boggs was known for only eating chicken before each game, while former pitcher Turk Wendall would eat licorice and brush his teeth in between innings. Jamesville coach Richie Ange said the Frey/Ange arrangement comes as no shock.
While every ice cream parlor around wishes that the key to batting .400 was a little cookie dough ice cream, the truth is that Frey is very dedicated to her craft.
Ange said that her practice habits and passion for the game helped her bat in the high .300’s last season, but this year her confidence took her game to a new level.
Frey said the added pressure of being looked upon to kick start the offense forced her to raise her level of play.
The senior-to-be will be called on even more next year when she will most likely be batting in the three spot, and will be looked upon as a leader of the team.
Frey said the added expectations will not change her approach to the game.