From the Publisher’s Desk

Published 11:06 am Thursday, July 5, 2007

By Staff
Yesterday marked the 25th consecutive year that I have had the privilege of driving my little yellow TBird in Belhaven’s Independence Day Celebration Parade.
The annual event allows me a very unique opportunity. Because of the parade’s long and slow procession and the mass of onlookers tightly lining both sides of the route, I receive a treasured gift each year: direct and immediate critiques concerning the quality of the Washington Daily News.
When we are doing the right thing, I hear about it. But more importantly, when we stumble, I hear about that, too. And the theme of yesterday’s feedback was that the newspaper erred in not publishing Old Glory on the front page of yesterday’s paper.
I couldn’t agree more with the criticism.
The American flag is a revered symbol at the Daily News. That is why, several years ago, we began publishing the flag as a part of every obituary of United States military veterans. It provides us all with the opportunity to honor the flag while remembering the sacrifices of veterans, reminding us that the price of freedom is not free. That said, the nearly daily publication of the flag on our obituary page does not dismiss the oversight of not publishing the flag on the front page yesterday, our nation’s birthday. To our loyal readers, I offer my apology.
So if the Lord blesses me with another year, there are two things that I am certain will occur on July 4, 2008. First, I will once again drive my little car in the Belhaven parade and listen carefully to all that is directed my way. And secondly, and more significantly, Old Glory will assume a prominent position on the front page of the Washington Daily News.
— ABF Jr.