Death penalty being sought for Parker

Published 11:43 am Sunday, July 8, 2007

By Staff
By NIKIE MAYO, News Editor
Pitt County prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for Kam Parker, the 18-year-old Washington man who faces murder charges in two cases with Beaufort County connections.
Beaufort County District Attorney Seth Edwards is still reviewing the murder case under his jurisdiction to determine if the death penalty is applicable and should be sought, he said Saturday. He expects to make that decision some time in August.
Parker, of 305 Van Norden St., Washington, was arrested May 1 and charged with the death of John Scott Alligood, a Beaufort County native who died from complications of a gunshot wound to the chest. Alligood, 21, was shot during a Jan. 18 robbery at his house in Greenville.
Three other Washington men were charged in connection with Alligood’s death: Leon Tyrone Green, 25, of 102 Daniels Court; Rasheed Richard Spruill, 26, of 804 W. 11th St.; and Kelvin Deshon Parker, 24, of 82 Megan Lane. Those men will not face the death penalty, according to the Daily Reflector of Greenville.
When Parker was charged with Alligood’s death, he was being held in the Beaufort County Detention Center on another murder charge. Parker is charged with the death of Doris Patricia Brooks Clark, 52, of Washington. Clark was found dead inside her car Feb. 19, with a gunshot wound to the chest.
State statutes list “enumerated aggravating circumstances” that a prosecutor can review to determine if any exists in a particular murder case, Anglim said. The statute lists 11 such circumstances. Among those to be considered is whether a felony was “especially heinous, atrocious or cruel” or whether it was “part of a course of conduct … which included … other crimes of violence.”
Parker is also charged with beating a man at River Creek Mobile Home Park, which has a Washington address but is near the Pitt County line. That incident occurred Feb. 9, according to the Pitt County Sheriff’s Office.
In that case, Parker and his cousin, Shawn Michael Foskey, 23, of Daniels Court, are charged with assault with intent to kill, first-degree kidnapping and robbery with a dangerous weapon, according to the Pitt County Sheriff’s Office.
Pitt County detective Phil Moore, in a previous interview with the Daily News, said Parker was “on a crime spree.”