Republican leader promises support

Published 5:55 pm Saturday, August 11, 2007

By Staff
County party wants some ‘leadership from the top’
Staff Writer
After objecting to poor support in the past, the Beaufort County Republican Men’s Club heard a promise Thursday night from the leader of the state party —a pledge for support in the future.
Beaufort County Commissioner Hood Richardson told Daves the county’s Republicans have been “ignored by the Republican Party.”
Richardson said Republican candidates from the county have seen little financial help from the state party in their campaigns.
Fundraising is one thing the state party could use counties’ help on, Daves said.
Sticking to Republican principles and refusing to become complacent in politics will be key to the party taking control of state government, Daves said.
Daves said she is committed to recruiting qualified Republican candidates for every state House and Senate race. To that end, the party is treading new ground by providing candidates with “starter packages” filled with information to “jump-start their political careers.”
Above all, Daves said the party should aim to occupy the governor’s mansion in Raleigh.
One audience member offered Daves a message “from Beaufort County to Raleigh.”
“This is the hub of the political wheel that spins out into eastern North Carolina,” he said. “If we can build support here, we can build support for the party in surrounding areas.”
Daves countered with a message for the county’s Republicans.