Republicans sweeten the contest with ice cream

Published 9:15 pm Wednesday, August 29, 2007

By Staff
Social competes with Dems’ rally
Staff Writer
Del Stutzman was not shy when it came to acknowledging the reason she organized an old-fashioned ice-cream social for Beaufort County Republicans on Tuesday night.
With a Beaufort County Democratic Party fundraiser being held across the street, Sutzman, co-chairwoman of the county party, said she wanted people to know the opposition was around, too.
Stutzman said both parties are in the same process of trying to revitalize their constituent bases before upcoming elections.
Republicans have found their new headquarters to be in a prime location, aside from their nearness to the Democrats’ event at the Washington Civic Center, Stutzman said, with a grin on her face.
But sweets, not hot dogs, were on the evening’s menu. As ice cream and cookies were laid out on a round table, Republican politicians — some veterans, some new to the scene — filtered in to meet and greet.
Beaufort County commissioners Al Klemm and Hood Richardson were on hand to lend a helpful word to Karen Fisher, who recently announced her bid for a seat on the Belhaven Town Council. Municipal elections in Beaufort County are set for Nov. 6.
Stutzman said she is optimistic about the county’s Republican Party growing in the future.