Roberson a hit with the Tigers

Published 5:26 am Tuesday, October 9, 2007

By By BRIAN HAINES, Sports Writer
WILLIAMSTON - Presley Roberson plans on becoming a dentist, and by the way she spikes the ball you can only assume she is looking for patients already.
The middle hitter on the Williamston volleyball team, Roberson patrols the center of the court like a kid playing whack-a-mole, patiently waiting for the perfect opportunity to unleash a smash hit.
With good height and quickness, coupled with a competitor’s spirit, Roberson sets the tone for the Tigers with each and every colossal kill and barricading block
Roberson, who also stars on the Tigers’ basketball and softball teams, is extremely athletic, and standing at roughly 5-9, she is the quintessential middle hitter.
With her fleet footwork obtained from playing hoops, paired with her hitter’s hand-eyes coordination, when the ball is set in the air, Roberson becomes a natural born killer.
The Williamston senior anchors a very talented Tiger team that as of Tuesday (Oct. 2) held a 14-2 (10-1) record in the Atlantic Conference, and has a good chance of making a prolonged playoff push.
Rogers said that having a heavy hitter in the postseason is a very valuable asset.
Roberson’s services extend to more than that of just a masher, the senior is an overall menace up front. Strapped with strong instincts, Roberson is able to change the game on both sides of the net.
While Roberson is revered for her power, the spiker also has a lot of court savvy. If the defense begins to adjust to her killer kills, she has the ability to shift to a softer shot, sending the defenders off balance.
Rogers said Roberson had been working hard to develop her game.
Like a center in basketball, the middle hitter relies on teammates to get them the ball in scoring position, and Roberson has plenty of them that can do that.
Fellow Tigers Morgan Miller and Heather Jackson have an exception overall game, and excel at setting the ball.