School custodian stops to care for others

Published 6:16 am Monday, October 15, 2007

On paper, Greta Paige’s job is custodial supervisor at John Small School.
In the hearts of the teachers and students, she’s far, far more, according to principal Lisa Tate.
Paige has helped nearly a generation of children at the school. She started 19 years ago and has no plans to quit.
Paige attended Mother of Mercy, a Catholic school during her elementary years. She graduated from Washington High School in 1975.
Whatever her job is, she takes it seriously.
In nearly 20 years at John Small, Paige figures she’s missed 10 days of work.
One of Paige’s duties is that of crossing guard. Every weekday morning she’s out there with her orange vest and stop sign to make sure students get to class safely. And she does it with a constant smile.
It’s a lesson that past students don’t forget.
The current campus will be replaced next year with a new one located next door to P.S. Jones Middle School off Market Street Extension. As much as Paige says she’ll like the new facility, she’ll miss the one she’s taken care of for nearly two decades.
John Small School was probably 40 years old when Paige started work there. She doesn’t use that as an excuse for allowing it to look any less than the newer schools in the system.
And just because student move on, doesn’t mean Paige forgets them.
Tate agrees.