Champions again!

Published 8:09 am Thursday, October 25, 2007

By Staff
Foundation team takes third spelling-bee title
Senior Reporter
After being dethroned last year as repeat champion of the Washington-Beaufort County Chamber of Commerce’s Adult Team Spelling Bee, the Beaufort County Schools Education Foundation team regained that title Tuesday night.
A team from Aurora won last year’s bee.
Andy Blake, Joan Campbell, Cindy Edwards and John Tate were members of the winning team. They withstood all comers to win the fourth-annual spelling bee. Previous Beaufort County Schools Education Foundation teams won the first and second spelling bees.
The spelling bee was held in the P.S. Jones Middle School gymnasium, which was filled with a loud, buzzing crowd of team supporters who rattled the walls and roof of gym.
No teams were disqualified during the first round of the spelling bee. Four teams were eliminated during the second round. After the third round, all but three teams were knocked out of the spelling bee when they failed to correctly spell “fasciculus.”
It took just one word — “certiorari” — to determine the winner.
The Beaufort County Community College Faculty team and the Montessori Charter School team misspelled the word, leaving the Beaufort County Schools Education Foundation team as the champion.
Among the three remaining teams, it only took one word to declare the winner:
PCS Phosphate and the Washington Daily News were the presenting sponsors of the spelling bee, with Bank of America, Beaufort County Hospital, Caron International, First South Bank, Mount Olive College, the Mid-East Commission, the Pine Needles Garden Club and P&G Manufacturing as corporate sponsors.