Saving Christmas

Published 7:25 pm Sunday, December 23, 2007

By Staff
Christmas could use more allies like Paul Goertz.
Goertz, a 48-year-old construction worker who lives in Seattle, initiated the Save Christmas Rally two years ago. Last year’s Save Christmas Rally focused on raising awareness and public support for this nation’s Christmas traditions and keeping Christ in Christmas.
Goertz also works to encourage other American cities and towns to hold similar events.
The Washington Daily News learned about Goertz and his Save Christmas Rally by way of a 2006 news release found on a Web site last week. Attempts to access that Web site in recent days have been unsuccessful. Even so, the message Goertz sent out in 2005 and 2006 remains relevant this year.
Goertz is an American who’s fed up with the increasing number of attacks on Christmas.
Simply put, his mission is to preserve and protect Christmas traditions that have been a part of American culture and heritage for more than 200 years.
It’s not difficult to imagine Goertz sending a Christmas card to the national headquarters of the American Civil Liberties Union just to remind that organization he and others like him aren’t about to give up their beliefs associated with Christmas just because there are some people who don’t believe there’s a reason for Christmas to even exist.
For those who celebrate Christmas, it’s not about forcing those who don’t believe in Christmas to believe in the reason for the season. It’s about believers celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ and the gift of eternal life the Light of the World offers. They have the right to celebrate. Just as nonbelievers have the right not to celebrate.
Two authors who have written books supporting the nation’s traditional values at Christmas are supporting Goertz.
Brenda Verner, author of “101 Ways to Have a Christian Christmas,” and Michael Class, author of “Anthony and the Magic Picture Frame,” have taken up the Saving Christmas Rally cause.
Class, a Seattle resident, points out that Christmas is a federal holiday.
Well said.
And, by the way, Merry Christmas!