Buy those books

Published 9:37 pm Thursday, January 3, 2008

By Staff
Later this month, the Friends of the Brown Library will hold its annual book sale at the Washington Civic Center. The sale is about more than just selling books to raise money for Friends of the Brown Library.
The annual event, to some degree, is about exposing people to reading — whether it be reading for pleasure or reading for education. Simply put, the more one reads, the more one knows.
To be sure, the book sale is about raising money for Friends of the Brown Library projects.
The Friends of Brown Library raise funds from membership dues and from its annual book sale, which last year had gross receipts of approximately $20,000. With over 400 members, the Friends of Brown Library is one of the largest support groups in Washington.
The sale is one of the library’s major sources of income. The Friends of the Brown Library use proceeds from the sale to assist the library with projects and purchases. The book sale has been a Friends of the Brown Library project for about 15 years. It started as a way for the library to sell some of its books to make way for new books. The organization asked for area residents to donate books for the sale. Now, such donations far outnumber the library’s discarded books.
In past years, Friends of the Brown Library has used money raised by its books sales to purchase equipment for Brown Library. In early 2007, when the library’s aging computer system faced a crisis, the organization spent about $10,000 to buy a new server and four compatible computers for the city-owned library.
The library counts on the revenue generated by the book sale to help it enhance library services and programs.
The organization also sponsors the Conversations with North Carolina Authors series. Friends of the Brown Library also provides volunteers to work at the library. The organization also built a wooden pergola on library property.
The annual book sale attracts newcomers and veterans of previous book sales. Last year, Washington resident Christopher Hamilton, who was 32 then, was among the newcomers.
At one point during last year’s book sale, Hamilton had about 30 books in a plastic bag that appeared to be one or two more books away from becoming full. That didn’t concern Hamilton, 32, of Washington. There were plenty of empty plastic bags on hand waiting to be filled with books.
Last year, Hamilton didn’t hesitate when asked if he would show up at this year’s book sale.
In this day of television, movies and video games, it would be nice to see more people, especially children, adopt Hamilton’s attitude toward books.
Friends of the Brown Library does great work for the community. Because it supports the community, the community should support Friends of the Brown Library.
The best way to do that is show up at the book sale, which is scheduled for Jan. 25-27, and buy a bag of books. Donations are also appreciated.
By the way, you will be helping yourself by reading those books.