Bogun named 2008 Mother of the Year

Published 10:14 pm Sunday, May 11, 2008

By Staff
Newspaper delivers award to happy
Pinetown mother
Senior Reporter
Joan Bogun has been named 2008’s Mother of the Year by the Washington Daily News.
Bogun, branch librarian at Belhaven Public Library, came into the quietness of the tranquil library Friday with the morning mail, without a thought of being chosen as Mother of the Year.
Her best friend, a co-worker and her manager were gathered around the library’s central desk when she received the news.
A pretty woman with auburn hair and a light complexion, when she received the news she blushed becomingly.
A tear or two could be seen, and she did a quick about-face and left the room quickly.
However, after she had collected herself in a couple of minutes, she came back into the library relishing the moment.
After learning that her daughter, Bonnie Landeck of Pinetown, had submitted the application for the award to the Washington Daily News, she said, “I should have known. This is something Bonnie would do. She is a very caring person. She works at the hospital and cares so much for her patients.”
Bogun said all of her children are special.
In addition to Landeck, she has three daughters, Stacey Moore of South Carolina, Tonya Reesman of Colorado and Mandi Hudspeth of New Bern. She has a step-daughter, Amanda Bogun of Williamston, and a step-son, Josh Bogun of Florida. She has three grandchildren, Levi Moore, Gracie Landeck and Christian Reesman.
Bogun is married to Bret Bogun. Her former husband is Luke Cahoon.
Landeck submitted the application telling the Daily News why she thought her mother should win the award. It was filled with dear passages about her mother and it abounded with instances from her mother’s life that Landeck felt qualified her mother to win the award.
Landeck wrote that the greatest thing her mother taught her as a child was to show love and respect to all.
Landeck wrote that her mother did whatever it required to make sure her family was happy and healthy.
Landeck wrote that her mother always goes above and beyond what is expected of her.
Landeck wrote that the most important lesson she has learned from her mother is how to be a good mother.
Landeck wrote that she apologizes to her mother for gray hairs she has given her. But, she wrote that it is all in jest.