Many came to feast on Saturday

Published 11:44 pm Sunday, May 18, 2008

By Staff
Engelhard Seafood Festival a big hit
Senior Reporter
Engelhard’s main strip was filled Saturday with festival-goers at the 21st Annual Seafood Festival.
Amusement rides, food from the sea and land, varied music and assorted crafts inundated Engelhard.
However, he said he settled for ice cream because the line for the seafood was too long.
Fred Willard, an independent archeologist, had a table set at the Seafood Festival with research information about the Lost Colony.
Willard found a Croatan Indian village site in Buxton and is currently excavating it.
However, Willard is putting the strongest foot forward in his attempt to find the missing colony of English settlers who came to the New World.
In his search, he has already found two English artifacts that date back to 1583 and 1585.
Willard spent the entire day Saturday at the Seafood Festival sharing with people what he has learned in his quest to solve the mystery of the Lost Colony.
Willard said that some of the people at the festival probably were descendants of settlers from the Lost Colony.
People on the festival track were stopping and looking at a poster Willard had displayed of surnames of American Indians and settlers of the Lost Colony.
Several people found their names on the list.
The Mattamuskeet Foundation, an organization in its 13th year, beckoned festival-goers with an award winning video showing Lake Mattamuskeet and its majestic beauty.
On a high-definition, digital rendering of the film, the birds living on the lake appear to be flying around the individual watching the film.
The foundation was also displaying a Model A Ford automobile and a tractor built in the early 20th century.
The Engelhard Rotary Club was offering seafood plates that appeared to be a real buy for the amount of shrimp, scallops and fish that purchasers of the plates were getting.
The Rotary Club was going to use proceeds to support its community projects.
Next to the Rotary Club was the N.C. Extension and Community Association, which was having a bake sale. Its mission is to promote the community, leadership and education.
Several characters visited the Seafood Festival. Children were seen gazing at Shrek, Fiona, Cinderella and Blackbeard.