George H.W. Bush to take delivery of a brand-new boat

Published 1:50 am Friday, May 30, 2008

By Staff
Former president is enamored of Fountain Powerboats
Staff Writer
President George H.W. Bush loves Fountain Powerboats.
A brand-new, 38-foot, open-bow Fountain Powerboat with three 300 horsepower Mercurys will be in the former president’s hands by this afternoon.
The fishing vessel retails for $280,000, according to Reggie Fountain, owner of Fountain Powerboats.
The “Fidelity IV,” as named by Bush, is the third Fountain Powerboat of the same name purchased by the former president.
The boat tops out at 75 mph, according to Fountain.
The sleek fishing boat features a stitching of the Presidential Seal on the front and back of the captain’s seat.
Fountain is a friend of the Bush family, and has been on many fishing excursions with the former president. Bush keeps his boats in Kenny Bunk Port, Maine, where he has a vacation house.
Fountain plans to visit the former president again within the next few weeks.
The Bush family usually treats Fountain to a Maine delicacy: Lobsters, he said.
Bush fishes for stripers or “rock fish”, as they are sometimes referred to, off the coast of Maine, Fountain said. But just because he prefers fishing vessels doesn’t mean Bush is afraid to push his boats, Fountain said.
According to Fountain, when Bush goes on fishing trips his boat is guarded by three Secret Service boats.