Saints stars stay humbled and hungry

Published 4:58 am Monday, June 16, 2008

By By KEVIN TRAVIS, Sports Editor
They cash some pretty high paychecks and their faces are often splashed on television. However, the stars of the New Orleans Saints who assisted at Saturday’s Terrance Copper First Annual Football Camp make sure that doesn’t alter their personalities.
Copper, a former Washington Pam Pack star who hosted his first banquet and football camp last weekend, has been the same person since he left high school.
Copper said that having the same type of personality makes the receivers close. He was joined at the camp by fellow receivers David Patten, Lance Moore and Robert Meacham.
Patten, who has been in the league for 12 years, said he and his fellow receivers remember their roots.
While the receivers are close off the field, they’re also close on it despite battling each other for playing time.
Patten said that the competition actually draws the players closer.
Henderson said that the players, including Marques Colston, want to see each other be the best out there.
Goal oriented
As the players prepare for training camp in late July, they already have some goals set for what they’d like to accomplish in the 2008 season.
Moore said he’s focused on helping the team win a Super Bowl.
Meacham, who will enter his second season in the NFL, is looking to have a breakout year.
Though Patten has been through 11 previous seasons in the NFL, he’s still hungry for more.
The Saints’ veteran receiver said he would love to add a fourth Super Bowl ring to his collection.
London calling
Most of the players are excited about playing a game in London. The Saints will take on the San Diego Chargers on Oct. 26.
Meacham is anxious to check out London for the first time.
Of course, not every player thinks the trip overseas is a good idea.
The Saints are hoping to get back to their 2006 form when they made a deep run in the playoffs. Last year was a disappointing one for the players, starting off 0-4 and not making the postseason.
Moore believes his team has everything in place to be successful.