No ‘butts’ allowed: Beaufort County schools to adopt tobacco-free policy

Published 7:47 am Tuesday, July 1, 2008

By By BRIAN HAINES, Sports Writer
As of Aug. 1, 2008 all Beaufort County schools will be tobacco free as per North Carolina state statute 115C-407. The ban on tobacco products includes smoking and chewing tobacco, and will be enforced around the clock.
The policy was voted on and passed in April by the Beaufort County Board of Education, and Hodges said that Beaufort County will be joining a long list of districts that have already adopted a tobacco-free policy.
The passing of the tobacco ban was an effort by the Beaufort County BOE to meet state guidelines. Hodges said that so far the response from people has been fair.
While the new policy might inconvenience fans who come out to support their local sports teams, Hodges said it was passed with the best intentions.
Hodges was understanding of the fact that not everyone will appreciate the new policy, but felt that in time people would be able to adjust.
Beaufort County has taken a reasonable stance against people who break the law, or simply have let the policy slip his or her mind. Hodges made no mention of a fine those who fracture the law.
Hodges said she hopes that levying charges is a scenario that never comes about.