Spencer catching on with the Pam Pack

Published 9:44 am Friday, July 11, 2008

By By BRIAN HAINES, Sports Writer
It was only one play, but everything that was accomplished in that one snap spoke volumes about what kind of player Dakuan Spencer can be for Washington High School.
During the Pam Pack’s passing league game in Washington Wednesday, Spencer, the Pack’s starting safety and wide receiver, was on defense. After reading the West Carteret quarterback’s head movement, Spencer drifted to the left, but when the QB’s head spun back to the right, Spencer realized he was in trouble.
The Patriots’ wideout had gotten past the Pack’s defense and was open in front of the left side of the end zone. Spencer quickly ranged hard to his right, never losing track of the receiver or the ball, and managed to get just enough his finger tips on the pigskin to tip the pass. However, the play didn’t end there. Spencer was savvy enough to keep his eye on the prize, and plucked the deflection out of the air for a Pack interception.
In just one snap the 6’ 3” Spencer demonstrated off the total package; speed, soft hands, good football awareness and a boatload of potential.
Spencer was spectacular on offense as well. Though it may be the middle of summer, the wideout’s hands were in midseason form as he made several catches, and proved to be a solid deep threat for Pack quarterback Austin Thompson.
Spencer said he was extra motivated for the Pack scrimmage Wednesday, and was looking to make up for a disappointing effort by the team in Washington’s previous passing league game.
Just a junior, Spencer said he knows there is a lot to his game that needs work. The receiver said his biggest challenge as of now is trying to break press coverage.
While he excels on both sides of the ball, Spencer said if he had to chose he would rather take away touchdowns than receive them.
Washington defensive coordinator Jon Blank said Spencer has all the makings of a superior safety, but needs to keep his mind on an even keel when he is in the midst of a football game.
Blank said that when Spencer keeps his emotions in check, he is one of the best safeties around.