The best of the best in volleyball

Published 11:41 am Sunday, July 20, 2008

By Staff
Commentary by KEVIN TRAVIS, Sports Editor
Since I’ve been covering sports for the Washington Daily News, several student-athletes have definitely left their mark.
Several of those athletes went on to play in college, while a couple are now playing professionally. I could easily make a “Dream Team” of the “best of the best.”
I know there were plenty of greats before my time as sports editor, and plenty of outstanding athletes who could make the team now. But this list is about those athletes I’ve covered who have already graduated.
Here is my “Dream Team” for volleyball.
The team starts with the unbelievably talented Joanna Rogerson. “Super Jo” overcame serious knee injuries to have an outstanding career with the Williamston Tigers. Rogerson can leap with the best of them, and she had one of the fiercest and most powerful kill-shots I’ve seen.
Rogerson still plays the game today as she’s one of the better sand and grass volleyball players around.
Suzanne Lee is just a natural all-around athlete. She used that athleticism to earn WDN Volleyball Player of the Year (along with Female Athlete of the Year) honors during her senior season with the Northside Panthers. Her long, powerful legs helped her at the net, while also helping Lee earn a chance to participate on the East Carolina University track team.
Summer Rahn could give Gabrielle Reece, a beach volleyball star and model, a run for her money. Rahn, who has been successfully dabbling in some modeling, was a sensational talent at Bear Grass High School. Her height, jumping ability and volleyball instinct made her a force to be reckoned with during her prep playing days. Rahn could unleash a wicked kill, come up with a sensational block or serve ace after ace.
Shannon Hubers was a terrific player for Terra Ceia. She always seemed to play with a smile on her face, probably because she was dominating play most of the time. An all-around talent on the court, Hubers went on to play college volleyball at Dordt College.
Another powerful hitter on the “Dream Team” squad is Williamston’s Nancy Bradford. She was relentless at the net for the Tigers, helping to carry them far into the playoffs during her senior season.
With so many powerful hitters on the team, somebody needs to get them the ball. The perfect person to do that is Susan Griffin, a former great with the Williamston Tigers. Griffin had a knack for putting the ball in the perfect spot for her smashers at the net.
Coming off the bench for the “Dream Team” is another super six, including Washington’s Lauren Williams and Kayla Grimm, Southside standouts Augusta Johnson and Terri Hines, Michelle Bracey of Williamston and Lindsay Shaw of Bear Grass.
Johnson, a long-legged and powerful hitter, and Bracey, a superb leaper, are now teammates at Pitt Community College.
Dream Team starters
Joanna Rogerson, Williamston
Suzanne Lee, Northside
Summer Rahn, Bear Grass
Shannon Hubers, Terra Ceia
Nancy Bradford, Williamston
Susan Griffin, Williamston
Dream Team bench
Lauren Williams, Washington
Kayla Grimm, Washington
Augusta Johnson, Southside
Terri Hines, Southside
Michelle Bracey, Williamston
Lindsay Shaw, Bear Grass
Kevin Travis is the sports editor of the Washington Daily News. You may reach him at 940-4217, or by e-mail at