Mumsy gets first birdie

Published 1:16 pm Tuesday, July 29, 2008

By Staff
Commentary by KEVIN TRAVIS, Sports Editor
My wonderful mom, for the first time in her life, came up with a birdie.
I’m sure you rabid sports fans saw it scrolling across the bottom of your television sets while watching ESPN, right after information about Brett Favre and just before a report on the U.S. Olympic basketball team…
I’m actually really proud of my Mumsy, who told me about her impressive accomplishment when I called her Monday afternoon.
She downplayed the feat, saying it would probably be her “one and only birdie” in her career.
What makes it all the more impressive to me is that she’s not exactly a “regular” golfer. She breaks out the clubs, on average, once a week.
During certain seasons.
When she’s not busy with Sudokus.
Or going around to various neighbors and strangers, bragging about my many accomplishments — I once scored four points in a recreation basketball game, AND I once made a hole-in-one… that windmill and clown’s mouth were no match for my steady hands and putter.
I usually get a report on how she does after each golf outing. It usually goes something like — “Oh, I had some good shots and I had some lousy shots. You know, the usual.”
So Monday’s phone call was special. She nailed her tee shot over the water, then one-putted into the cup. I asked if she were going to frame the ball, but she said she plans to use that “lucky” ball as much as possible. Smart thinking.
Mumsy spread the big news with my aunt, Willy — a golf whiz whom, I suspect, will be on the LPGA any day now, and is a regular playing partner of my mom. A good friend, Sally, was also on hand for the first-time occurrence.
And the news was shared with Velma and Ed, two of my favorite people in Charlotte. Whenever you spread good news with them, or anything for that matter, “horn” is involved. And “horn” is always good.
She even played injured! I won’t go into detail (for fear of some sort of retribution), but let’s just say she and curbs on the street don’t always get along. She’s one tough cookie.
And she’s one great mom who now has a birdie to her credit.
Congrats, Mumsy!
Kevin Travis is the Sports Editor of the Washington Daily News. You may reach him at 940-4217, or by e-mail at