Kennedy, Alligood have a bond

Published 7:11 pm Wednesday, August 27, 2008

By Staff
Local man getsnote from senatorafter his stroke
Newsroom Manager
Stroke victim James Alligood’s encouraging words may have helped.
Sen. Ted Kennedy stood before a boisterous crowd of partisan supporters at the Democratic Party’s national convention in Denver on Monday night, despite suffering a stroke just weeks ago.
Alligood and Kennedy share a common thread — each had a stroke, after which their physicians gave them short, grave outlooks for the remainder of their lives.
Kennedy showed that attitude during his speech, and Alligood said he knew that Kennedy was able to show he was not giving up.
Alligood had a stroke five years ago.
After receiving word that Kennedy suffered a stroke, Alligood said he thought immediately that he needed to get word to Kennedy to fight for his life.
Alligood said he never expected a response, let alone one from Kennedy.
He said he received a thank-you note from Kennedy on July 25.
Alligood said he could not believe it at first when he got the note.
Alligood is going to have the note framed.
Alligood lives at Ridgewood Manor in Washington. He said everyone in the home knows about his letter and how glad he is to have it.
Alligood said that he is a testament to what can be accomplished after a dire prognosis is given to a stroke patient.