Orchestra wants musicians

Published 8:25 pm Tuesday, September 2, 2008

By Staff
Calls on talent to show on Saturday
Newsroom Manager
Beaufort County Community Orchestra member Robin Potts asks that anyone interested in joining the organization to please come forward.
Potts said while Rebecca Clayton, who is president of the Beaufort County Community Orchestra now, was trying to push-mow her grass one time about ten years ago, her neighbor, Doris Hamilton, stopped her car alongside where Clayton was mowing and shouted, “Can you play something?”
After Clayton responded that she played the viola in high school, Hamilton only gave her 10 minutes to get her viola and come and play with the Beaufort County Community Orchestra, Potts said. When Clayton reminded Hamilton that she was mowing the grass and was dirty, Potts said Hamilton responded, “OK. Be in my living room in 20 minutes with your viola.”
For 10 years, Hamilton recruited more than 30 area musicians who are now beginning a new season on Saturday, Potts said.
The recruitment will be held in the auditorium of Building No. 8 on the campus of Beaufort County Community College.
She said the Beaufort County Community Orchestra will be playing for the Christmas Concert on Dec. 12.
Selections in the Christmas Concert will include “Serenade Melancholique” by Tchaikovsky, “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” Symphony No.1 “Second Movement” by Beethoven, “English Folk Song Suite, Third Movement” arranged by Vaughan Williams, and “A Trumpeter’s Lullaby” by Anderson.
Rehearsals are three Friday nights and one Saturday morning each month, Potts said.
She said conductor and violinist Chris Ellis encourages all area musicians to join the 2008-2009 concert season.
For more information, Potts said to call Rebecca Clayton at (252) 402-8252 or (252) 964- 4668.