Locals divided on bailout plan, want to see more details

Published 1:27 am Monday, September 29, 2008

By By TED STRONG; Staff Writer
Many locals are leery of the bailout deal recently announced by federal officials.
Some support it grudgingly, while others think it’s a lousy idea. Some just wish there were more details on the scheme available.
Williams thinks the bailout is needed for the sake of the country’s economy, but isn’t happy about it.
April Clayton, of Belhaven, didn’t share that view. She’s a farmer’s wife, and Wall Street shouldn’t get treatment ordinary folks don’t, she said.
Cecilia Collins, of Washington, said the bailout might be a good idea, but she can’t tell until leaders tell the country how the $700 billion they’ve approved will be spent.
Her concerns were echoed by Javier Diaz, also of Washington.
He isn’t sure about the plan until he’s told how the officials will be spending the money, he said.
Ronnie Miles of Washington said the situation is grave.
He said he doesn’t think there’s enough separation between government officials and business leaders right now.