Deputy saves two from fire

Published 12:08 pm Wednesday, November 26, 2008

By Staff
Pulls victims from burning home
Newsroom Manager
Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Michael Sheppard saved two lives Saturday morning.
At about 9:49 a.m. Saturday, fire and rescue personnel were dispatched from the Washington Fire-Rescue-EMS Inspections Department to 1200 Harrington Street in Washington in reference to a house fire.
Sheppard, who was on patrol in his sheriff’s office vehicle, heard the call, was near the address and went immediately to the scene.
Sheppard was the first emergency responder to the scene.
Sheppard said he went to the nearest door and found it locked and called for anyone inside. When there was no response, he said he went to a second door, which he also found locked. After calling for anyone inside to answer and not hearing anything, Sheppard said he tried to push the doors in with no success.
Subsequently, a woman came to the door.
At that point, Sheppard said he asked her to stay outside and he went into the burning house that was filled with smoke.
Emergency vehicles were arriving at the scene when Sheppard had the two people outside of the house.
Sheppard grew up in Beaufort County and has worked as a deputy at the sheriff’s office since May 2007. In addition, he is a member of the Clark’s Neck Volunteer Fire Department, where he has served for seven years.
In 2007, Sheppard was firefighter of the year from Clark’s Neck Volunteer Fire Department. After receiving that honor, the Beaufort County Fire Association chose Sheppard to be the firefighter for the year in the county in 2007.
Maj. Kit Campbell, Sheppard’s commander at the sheriff’s office, said Sheppard’s action at the fire scene was exemplary.
Chief Deputy Harry Meredith said the sheriff’s office works diligently to instill professionalism in its deputies and encourages them to assist in any situation where help is needed.
Beaufort County Sheriff Alan Jordan said Sheppard is an example of a professional who risked his life for the benefit of others.