Highway Patrol offers holiday safe-driving tips

Published 12:39 pm Friday, November 28, 2008

By Staff
1st Sgt. Kenneth Pitts urges people to exercise caution
Newsroom Manager
With the holiday season beginning, the North Carolina State Highway Patrol asks that the driving public be careful.
Driving tips for safety are encouraged by Pitts.
With the holidays come busier schedules for people and, in turn, produce busier schedules for the Highway Patrol.
Pitts’ supervisory district serves Beaufort, Hyde, Tyrrell and Washington counties.
When traveling during the holidays, Pitts suggests motorists perform preventive maintenance on their vehicles prior to their travels.
Also, Pitts encourages folks to prepare an emergency kit for travels that might include snacks, water, a flashlight and a blanket or warm clothes in case there is a breakdown or if some travelers become victims of inclement weather.
In addition, Pitts urges people to drive defensively.
If travelers are taking a long trip, it is a good practice to take breaks, Pitts said.
Also for the traveler, it is imperative to obey the rules of the road, especially speed restrictions, Pitts said.
He emphasized that this is just not the case and that motorists should be patient when driving.
He said drivers need to be aware that drugs include doctor-prescribed medications that can impair judgment, vision and dexterity.
If people are hosting celebrations during the holidays, Pitts asks that they serve tasty seasonal beverages that do not include alcohol as an ingredient.
He suggested offering a drinker an option of staying or providing a safe ride to their destination. Also, he suggested to serve foods such as bread or crackers that help slow down the absorption of alcohol into the body.
Pitts asked that party hosts not provide alcohol to underage persons.
The brain of a young person is not fully developed and the last part to develop is the frontal lobe where judgment and reasoning are formed, he said.
He asked that people be mindful of one another on the roads during the holidays.