Burbage gets once in a lifetime opportunity

Published 4:55 pm Friday, December 19, 2008

By By BRIAN HAINES, Sports Writer
Going to the mailbox is typically a dreadful experience.
Most of the time it’s filled with bills and unsolicited circulars, or maybe a letter from that one relative that still sends letters because he or she doesn’t know how to send an email yet.
However, after what happened to Washington Pam Pack forward Davey Ann Burbage, you might reconsider how you feel about the daily march to the mailbox.
Stuffed amongst the afore-mentioned usual deliveries in the Burbage mailbox was an invitation for a once in a lifetime experience.
It was a letter from the Down Under Invitational Sports group asking Burbage if she would like to visit Hawaii and play basketball in Australia.
Pam Pack coach Alison Jones was not the one who nominated Burbage but said she thinks this could be a great opportunity for the Washington senior.
The tournament stretches into areas beyond basketball. The team will leave at the end of July and make its first stop in Hawaii where the crew will be taking some educational seminars, and of course enjoy some sun and fun.
Once the educational portion of the voyage is over, the team will jump on a flight and head Down Under for the basketball tournament.
Burbage, who has never left the country before, said this phase of the expedition is what she is looking forward to the most.
If anyone is interested in sending a donation to Burbage, contact Washington High School.