Residents ruminate about

Published 5:27 pm Tuesday, December 23, 2008

By Staff
their best Christmas gifts
God, Jesusand childrenmake the list
Staff Writer
Monday afternoon, the Washington Daily News hit the pavement in Washington’s downtown and in front of a food market, asking people to name the best Christmas presents they had ever received and explain why those gifts are their favorites.
Most folks didn’t want to talk. It was too cold, according to them.
But among those who were willing to stop, Jesus and God were by far the most popular responses.
One person called it “the reason for the season,” another simply said Jesus was the best gift, a third said “la gracia de buen Dios” (the grace of good God.)
Lora Davis, a Houston native living in Aurora, said she tries not to focus on physical gifts.
Keith Mason, of Washington, said he is grateful for his children. His son, Keith Jr., was born in January.
Mason’s said his younger son was born in the summer, but he is still a gift.
Valerie Tute, a resident of Blounts Creek, took a more literal approach to the question the Daily News posed.
She likes money, she said, because she “can spend it.”
Whit Blackstone, a Washington resident, also took a literal tack, and recalled an automatic trash can he received.