Beaufort County school board member resigns

Published 7:10 pm Thursday, January 1, 2009

By Staff
Cites politics involved in superintendent’s move
Staff Writer
John W. White Jr. announced his resignation from the Beaufort County Board of Education, effective immediately, in a letter mailed to the other members of the board and the Washington Daily News.
White’s letter will be publishaed in Friday’s edition.
In his letter, he wrote that he feels the school board’s failure to renew Superintendent Jeff Moss’ contract was inappropriate.
White wrote, “I feel that I can no longer serve in an atmosphere where I perceive that the welfare and the education of our children are secondary to politics and personal agendas.”
White said in an interview Wednesday that Moss will be slightly inconvenienced by moving to Lee County, where he has taken a new job, but Beaufort County will again cycle through new leadership.
Politics, not professional competence, led the board not to renew Moss’ contract, White said.
It was apparent during conferences that officials statewide hold Moss in high regard, White said.
White said confidentiality considerations prevented him from going into further detail.
White had represented District 3, which includes Belhaven.
Booth said it had been the board’s consensus to accept Moss’ resignation earlier this month, and pointed out that no vote was ever taken on Moss’ contract before he left for a new job.
Some have argued that a renewed contract some time earlier this year would have instilled confidence in Moss and lead him to stay.
He was one of five finalists for the Lee County job before being hired. Lee County has cited Moss’ financial experience as a key reason for hiring him.