Belhavenhosts reps of county

Published 7:40 pm Sunday, January 4, 2009

By Staff
Town will bring forth pressing issues
Staff Writer
The Town of Belhaven will host the Beaufort County Board of Commissioners’ regular meeting on Monday. Belhaven Mayor Adam O’Neal couldn’t recall the last time the commissioners met in town, but said it must have been many years ago.
The meeting will be held at the Boyette Civic Center at 6 p.m.
The commissioners will discuss three “main issues” as they pertain to the town, said O’Neal. Included on the agenda is an update on the paid EMS service for Belhaven, a discussion on the town’s proposed industrial park and a presentation by O’Neal to the commissioners regarding the town’s sewer system.
O’Neal said he is encouraging town residents to “come out and show support for the projects.”
Last spring, the Belhaven mayor made a request to the board that it hold a regular meeting in the towns of Belhaven and Aurora at least once a year.
The board voted unanimously in favor of the request.
During the meeting Monday, the board will hold a discussion regarding its regular meeting scheduled to be held in Aurora in March.
As part of the scheduled discussion on the paid EMS service for Belhaven, the town will formally invite the county to form a nonprofit 24-hour EMT service, said O’Neal.
The meeting will also give O’Neal the opportunity to address the commissioners about the town’s highly publicized sewer situation.
At the Belhaven Town Council’s regular meeting Dec. 7, O’Neal gave a slideshow presentation explaining that the town is subsidizing sewer maintenance costs to county residents.
O’Neal said he would give a similar presentation to the commissioners that “addresses a lot of issues about the sewer system.”
In particular, he will review a sewage contract between the town and the county.
The Belhaven mayor also hopes that the county will agree to work with the town on a proposed 30 acre industrial park, co-owned by the town and county.
O’Neal said he anticipates a nice crowd at the meeting Monday night.