McKeithan Column

Published 10:40 pm Sunday, January 18, 2009

By Staff
Sick day is good medicine
Doctor’s note an excuse for self-indulgence
I took a sick day on Tuesday, and I was REALLY sick this time.
This was unlike past “sick days” when I would call the office 15 minutes before tee time with an Oscar-worthy performance, “Can’t make it (fake cough) in today (fake sniffle), must be relapse of my Duke-Mayo-Hopkins syndrome (fake illness).
This condition — as you may suspect — only flares up on beautiful days when I can assemble a good foursome.
But this time, I needed true medical attention. I was “worked-in” at the Treat-&-Eat combination urgent care facility/fast food restaurant on short (order) notice. I told the physician’s assistant my list of symptoms: headache, dizziness, muscle aches, ear hair, love handles and bowlegs.
After a quick exam, the PA informed that I had a fever, a great deal of nasal congestion and bad breath. “You’re also about 30-pounds over your ideal weight.”
The PA obviously didn’t like me. (I forgot to list “paranoid” as one of my symptoms.) She left the room with a final jab, “ … and I hate your stupid column.”
Soon, the doctor entered; reviewed the chart and said, “Let’s talk about your weight.”
“Yes, let’s do. I was in your lobby two hours, and your fries are cold.”
(I forgot to list hypochondria as one of my symptoms.)
Nope. I need a note for the wife. Make sure you highlight “fever” on there … and write a little something about bed rest, Coke and Fritos.
Aw, don’t take it personal, Doc. You’re OK in my book.
One last thing, Doc: Your note also says I should drink plenty of clear liquids — is light beer considered a clear liquid?”
(I forgot to list “just-plain-sorriness” as one of my symptoms.)
Before you call:
The fictional conversation is based (very loosely) on my appointment Tuesday at a local medical facility staffed with competent, prompt and friendly healthcare providers. They earned my respect and appreciation. I intend no offense to those truly infirmed and hope my silliness might lighten their day. (My fever is now gone, in case you were concerned.)
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