Locals cheerObama oath

Published 11:02 pm Wednesday, January 21, 2009

By Staff
Ecstatic as first black man sworn in
Staff Writer
Area residents gathered to watch President Barack Obama’s inauguration reacted with joy to the first speech of his administration.
The event’s organizers and Obama supporters emphasized that they want the country to come together now that the election is over.
Albritton said he particularly liked Obama’s references to the nation’s history and the men and women who came before present generations.
Obama “gave us hope that we would not have to endure what they went through because now the change has come,” he said.
Bonner was also touched by Obama’s historical references in his speech, though she focused on changes in the 20th century.
Change was a theme for many Obama supporters Tuesday.
Obama’s focus on America’s challenges, including the economy, also appealed to her, Young said.