Boy rescued from flipped car

Published 12:37 am Friday, January 30, 2009

By Staff
Accident on corner of Main and Van Norden
Staff Writer
A driver unfamiliar with Washington streets caused an accident Thursday that left one vehicle on its roof on Main Street, according to the Washington Police Department.
The driver of a black sport utility vehicle tried to turn left onto Van Norden Street from the right lane of Main Street, police said in a press statement.
The SUV hit a car next to it in the left lane of Main Street, flipping the car onto its roof, police said.
A 7-year-old boy was stuck inside the car, but avoided injury because he was in a child-restraint seat, police said.
Two people with what are thought to be minor injuries were taken to Beaufort County Medical Center , police said.
One fire engine and two ambulances from the Washington Fire-Rescue-EMS-Inspections Department responded to the scene, said Capt. Scotty Taylor.
Police said they are still investigating, and charges are pending.