What have you done lately for your community?

Published 12:29 pm Thursday, April 2, 2009

By Staff
One look at the April calendar of events for Beaufort County (found online at www.visitwashingtonnc.com), and you realize that a busy spring is here.
Whether your schedule includes baseball games, the Beaufort County Traditional Music Festival or the Kayakalon, there is something to do in this community every weekend of the month.
Many parents will cheer their child’s team to victory on the ballfield, and then leave when the game is done.
Art enthusiasts will listen to talented musicians in downtown Washington and return to the quiet of their homes once the music ends. Paddlers will enjoy the splendor and competition of the Kayakalon, and recover once they’ve crossed the finish line.
Have you ever stopped to think who made it possible for these events to happen? Who raised money for sponsorships? Who cleaned up the trash once the crowds dispersed? Who made the phone calls or sent the e-mails letting you know about the event?
Probably a volunteer.
The human capital in the local community is one of its richest assets. Can you add your name to the list of community volunteers who enhance the quality of life for your neighbors and other residents?
If not, take a look at the busy spring calendar, and pick a Saturday. Without a doubt, every event or planned activity is depending largely on the participation of eager volunteers.
This coming Saturday, the Beaufort County Arts Council may need assistance setting up venues where musicians will perform. The weekend of April 17-19 will be busy when more than 900 cyclists come to town.
Volunteers are needed to help at rest stops for the cyclists. Music in the Streets starts again this month. Umbrellas need to be placed, and signs need to be erected. Where can you lend a hand?
Volunteers are the lifeblood of many organizations throughout Beaufort County.
The manpower and resources volunteers bring to these organizations makes it possible for many to operate on unbelievably small budgets. It also encourages local residents to make this community a better place to live, work and play.
The next time you attend a local event, look around for people who are “working” the event. Ask them what they are getting paid to do their jobs. The answer will probably sound something like this: “I am getting to know some great people,” or “There’s no better place to be than the ballpark on a Saturday afternoon.”
If you are one of the many who give your time and talents to ensure the success of the many events in the area, thank you.
If you are not, it isn’t too late to offer an hour or two to enhance the quality of life we all enjoy in this area.