Relay for Life can be a bonding, cathartic experience

Published 6:53 pm Saturday, May 2, 2009

By Staff
The American Cancer Society reports that cancer death rates have decreased by 18.4 percent among men and 10.5 percent among women since the early 1990s.
Those living with cancer and the family members and friends who share their trauma can take some consolation in the reduced numbers and hope for a bright future.
Unfortunately, the statistics offer little solace to people who have lost loved ones to the dreadful disease. They can only hope that advances in medicine and unraveling of cancer mysteries will help others avoid the same fate.
To help raise money to combat the disease, hundreds of people participated Friday in the opening evening of the Beaufort County Relay for Life, sponsored by the American Cancer Society. The event continues today until the 1 p.m. closing ceremony at the Washington High School Wagner Stadium track.
By mid-week, approximately 27 teams had signed up to honor and remember survivors and victims, and according to event Chairwoman Lisa Alligood, $76,000 had been donated to support the local event.
The Relay for Life is a particularly fitting and moving tribute that says much about the fortitude, love and character of its participants and those they honor.
The event also gives the men, women and children who walk the Wagner Stadium track a chance to bond with others who know their particular pain. For some, the experience will be cathartic — a blooming of hope and joy where once there was only sorrow.
To participants and donors: Thank you for thinking of others and helping shine the light of compassion on Beaufort County.