Today we celebrate

Published 8:08 pm Sunday, May 10, 2009

By Staff
the best of Mom …
Moms are the crispest, shiniest apples on grocery-store shelves,
the sugar and cream in our coffee;
Moms are warm slippers on cold, winter nights,
the crackling fires in big wood stoves;
Moms are Band-Aids and comforting words,
the soothing ointment on sun-burned skin;
Moms are gentle smiles and silly laughs,
always there to smooth away fears;
Moms are buttered popcorn at the movies,
and s’mores during backyard campouts;
Moms are the admonition, “Your eyes will stay that way …
if you don’t uncross them;
Moms are Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks,
in “Sleepless in Seattle;
Moms are puppies, kittens and the Whos,
in Whoville;
Moms are fresh-smelling clothes drying on the line,
as fresh, perhaps, as roses on a vine;
Moms are Nat King Cole crooning “Mona Lisa,”
in a voice that defines grace and style;
Moms are the wheels that get their kids to soccer practice,
leading the cheers whether win or lose;
And finally: Moms have a special day but once a year,
we must do our best to make it dear.
Happy Mother’s Day, Moms.