Enjoy the holiday, but be safe doing it

Published 5:19 am Friday, July 3, 2009

By Staff
Celebrate, but celebrate with caution.
Saturday is the Fourth of July, which for many people means fireworks — observing pyrotechnics shows and/or using fireworks themselves.
We remind everyone to exercise caution and follow safety guidelines when using fireworks.
The best advice likely is for the amateurs to avoid fireworks altogether, opting to observe fireworks displays rather than attempting their own. For those who decide to shoot off backyard fireworks to celebrate Independence Day, please follow the safety guidelines regarding fireworks and use common sense. Guidelines and warnings usually come with fireworks packages for sale, and they are part of the purchase package for a reason.
Some fireworks are illegal in North Carolina. If you are not sure which ones are legal and which ones are banned, check with a local law-enforcement agency.
Fireworks are not the only things that pose dangers on the Fourth of July, especially in this area.
Many boaters will be on area waterways during the holiday. With the increase in boating traffic, boaters should increase their safe-boating practices by watching their speeds, their wakes and one another.
Boaters, as with automobile drivers, should not operate their vessels while under the influence of alcohol or other substances. As motorists and passengers should wear seat belts, boaters and their passengers should wear life vests.
Some people may believe that safety guidelines and laws to protect them get in the way of having fun. Look at it this way: Those laws and guidelines, if followed, could get between you and injury or death.
Enjoy the holiday. Have a grand time celebrating the nation’s birthday.
Just do it in a safe manner so you can celebrate again next July 4.