Taking the right steps

Published 10:29 am Sunday, August 2, 2009

By Staff
Whether they glide across the stage like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers or stumble around like an elephant on skates, dancers in the upcoming Dancing With OUR Stars deserve applause and thanks.
While risking public humiliation as they perform dance steps ranging from sambas to waltzes, the dancers are accomplishing at least one worthwhile thing: raising money for Eagle’s Wings. The nonprofit organization is a local food bank that addresses hunger needs among Beaufort County’s poor residents.
This year, Dancing With OUR Stars moves from the Turnage Theater to the Washington High School Performing Arts Center, an indication of the popularity of the event, which sold out in its debut last summer.
Last year as the Washington Daily News ran several articles about the event and the dancers participating in it, some people questioned why it was receiving so much publicity. The answer is simple: It is a fundraiser for an organization that helps the county’s impoverished population.
Something like that can never get enough publicity. Expect plenty of articles about this year’s event. It’s the right thing to do. The Washington Daily News would rather Eagle’s Wings — a nonprofit organization, remember — spend its limited funds on helping the needy than having to pay for advertising Dancing With OUR Stars.
The “stars” taking part in this year’s event include, but may not be limited to the following:
Beaufort County Sheriff Alan Jordan, Washington Police Department Chief Mick Reed, WITN-TV sports anchor Billy Weaver, Sean “Nico” Nathan, Reggie Baker, Pam Nuckols, Ray Moore, Marcus Jones, Catherine Glover, Marc Rucquoi, the Rev. Ed Moultrie, Daniel Bergivien, Vinnie Cilluffo, Jimmy Davis, Dave McLawhorn, Debbie Ainsworth, Michael Bilbro, Gennia Weatherington, Neva Cashion and Russell Smith. If we’ve failed to mention someone’s name, forgive us.
Those people, whether they are as graceful as swans or as awkward as a newborn calf on its legs, are willing to risk injury and humiliation for a good cause. The least we can do is support them by attending Dancing With OUR Stars.
They will appreciate it, and so will those the money raised by the event helps to feed.