Fulfilling its mission

Published 11:13 am Friday, August 7, 2009

By Staff
In its first year, the Little Washington Sailing Club has gone international. That’s good for the club, Washington and Beaufort County.
A boy from England and a girl from Switzerland have been participating in the two-week sailing course that ends today with its students’ “graduation.” In addition to exposing its students this summer to the fundamentals of sailing, the club has taught students why it is important to be good stewards of the environment, especially the Pamlico River.
The club’s summer of sailing courses ends next week with a one-week course that runs from Monday through Friday.
The sailing club, under the auspices of Downtown Washington on the Waterfront, designed the sailing program’s curriculum to introduce participants to seamanship and sailing fundamentals as espoused by the U.S. Sailing Association. The program’s intent was to promote self-reliance, teamwork, safety awareness, sportsmanship and self-confidence, according to Bill Walker, one of the club’s organizers and volunteers. The club’s mission is to provide a sailing program for youth that encourages them to enjoy recreational sailing along the city’s waterfront and Pamlico River.
The club has more than fulfilled its mission. It has found another beneficial use of Washington’s harbor, where the sailing classes occurred. The club is the newest entry on the list of assets in the city.
Thanks to the Little Washington Sailing Club, two international visitors to Washington will return to their homes and share their experiences on the Pamlico River and in Washington with their families and friends.
The Little Washington Sailing Club has done more than teach a boy from England and a girl from Switzerland about sailing. It’s developed ambassadors who are well-equipped to promote the club and Washington.
A tip of the hat and a 21-gun salute for the sailing club for fulfilling its mission.