Meet the challenge

Published 1:58 pm Tuesday, August 25, 2009

By Staff
A new school year begins today. That new school year holds untold promise for students to excel.
But when it comes to excelling in the classroom, it takes more than students’ desires to be more than proficient with their academic ventures. It takes commitment.
Students must be committed to doing the work required of them to excel in the classroom. They must be attentive in class. They must be involved in class, asking questions and interjecting their thoughts and ideas on the subjects to which they are exposed.
Students must be willing to go beyond only what is required of them. If a five-page essay is the assignment, students should consider stretching that essay into seven or eight pages. If required to read four books by a specific author, they should consider reading six books by that author. That additional reading may provide additional insight when the class discusses that particular author.
Students who want to make a successful trek down the road to a quality education do better when they go that extra mile in the classroom.
Teachers are instrumental in helping students excel in the classroom. As teachers make certain demands of their students to help them excel, students should have certain expectations of their teachers. By far, most teachers are willing to meet their students’ expectations.
Students should expect their teachers to provide one-on-one time when they ask for it. Students should expect their teachers to be prepared when they enter a classroom. Students should expect their teachers to challenge them to strive for excellence, not settle for just getting buy.
Parents also have a role when it comes to their children succeeding in school.
Parents should be more involved with their children’s education. Being involved is not looking at the report card and reacting. A parent should know a child is struggling in mathematics long before the child brings home a report card with a “D” or “F” in mathematics. Parents should check that their children are doing homework assignments, studying for tests and doing the required reading.
If tutoring is warranted, parents should provide it. There are many low-cost and free tutoring options available.
When students, teachers and parents care about excellence in the classroom, the chances for that success greatly improve.
As the new school year begins, the challenge is for students, teachers and parents to work together to ensure that success.