Letter to the Editor:

Published 5:58 pm Wednesday, September 16, 2009

By Staff
My name is Daniel Brantley and I am a resident of Washington. I attend Emmanuel Christian School and we have been studying the decline of our country. I am writing to address the topic of alcohol.
Alcohol consumption is one of the biggest problems in America. Almost 14 million Americans meet the criteria for alcohol-use disorders. Approximately 65 percent of these people are youth. I think that the selling of alcohol should be limited, such as banning the sales of alcohol on Sundays.
The U.S. spends more than $58 billion every year on alcohol alone. So why don’t we reduce the sales of alcohol and put that money toward education?
I also think that laws against youth drinking should be stricter. Alcohol kills six times more youth than all other drugs combined. The sad part is 65 percent of the youth get alcohol from friends and family which shows how far our moral values have declined.
If we continue to do this we will be setting ourselves up for failure.