BCECHS’ Williams makes turnabout

Published 7:18 am Friday, March 26, 2010

Lifestyles & Features Editor

The character trait of perseverance has put Darius Williams squarely in the spotlight at Beaufort County Early College High School.
“This year he was focused and remained on task,” said Williams’ history teacher, Jeff Probert. “He did not hesitate to seek help, ask questions and participate in class. … Darius has turned himself around, both academically and in maturity.”
Williams, focused in his work is taking college-level courses, according to BCECHS Principal Todd Blumenreich. BCECHS is part of Beaufort County Schools. Its classes are held on the Beaufort County Community College campus.
A 15-year-old sophomore, Williams began his high-school education at BCECHS; he’s one of the first students to take advantage of the new opportunity.
“I wanted to get a head start on my career,” he said. “I want to be a registered nurse.”
Williams said he was inspired to become a nurse by his mother, who is employed at Britthaven of Washington.
In fact, he names his mother, Anita Williams, as the person he most admires.
“She had to go through life doing her school work and then working, and then she came home and took care of us, all by herself,” he said.
Williams is taking college-preparatory classes now, in the first step toward his goal. He plans to attend East Carolina University to pursue a degree in nursing.
Williams said he’s currently enrolled in math, chemistry, civics and creative-writing classes at BCECHS. He said math is his favorite subject.
“I like working with numbers,” he explained.
Prior to beginning high school, Williams attended P.S. Jones Middle School in Washington, where he was involved in band and the Black History Month program. He also served as an usher for the school’s musical.
Williams said the one thing he feels he’s missing out on is not having the opportunity to participate in band on the high-school level.
“I would like to see them get a band started here,” he said.
Williams has a younger brother, 14-year-old Emanuel, and a younger sister, 1-year-old Faith. The brothers sing in their church choir and also perform their own spiritual dance.
In his free time, Williams said he enjoys going to parties, working on his computer and spending time with his sister.
“I want to get a job this summer and work in a grocery store or a restaurant,” he said.
Williams said he’s enjoyed meeting students from other schools, and attending BCECHS has allowed him to better focus on his schoolwork.
“And there’s no drama here,” he added. “I’m going to finish my junior and senior years here, and take college classes at the same time.”
All about Darius Williams …
Grade and school: sophomore, Beaufort County Early High School.
Birthday: May 30.
Favorite TV show: “Kendra.”
Favorite book: “Harry Potter.”
Favorite movie: “Why Did I Get Married?”
Favorite food: Chicken.
Dream vacation: Las Vegas.
If he could spend one day in history with anyone, it would be: “Rihanna.”