Heat taking its toll

Published 11:08 pm Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Staff Writer

As summer approaches and the heat begins taking its toll, some local construction workers make sure to stay as cool as possible during the current heat wave.
While working atop a local church, First United Methodist Church on Second Street in Washington, construction workers took measures to stay hydrated while working in such miserably hot conditions.
One construction worker said he drinks about at least two gallons of water per day and is still “hot under the collar.” He and his fellow workers take several breaks and drink plenty of water.
Although the heat is affecting several businesses and workers throughout the county, many employees are drinking more and more of the “agua fria.” (That means, “cold water.”)
Rick Brass, a dock attendant at the Washington waterfront, said there has not been a lot of activity around the docks during the past couple of days.
“Some kids were being taught how to turn a boat back over after capsizing it,” Brass said. “I’m sure they were enjoying that.”
Brass said people usually visit the waterfront at night and in the early morning.
“There’s only one mother and her child out on the boardwalk right now,” he said Tuesday. “They went to the ice cream shop to beat the heat.
“Maybe it’s the Summer Festival that is making people stay home and relax. All that fun in the sun, they just have to recharge the batteries.”
Brass added that several regular visitors who go to the boardwalk and promenade to walk and/or run have not been there in the past couple of days.
“The restaurants usually do pretty well at lunch time when boaters dock and go for a bite,” Brass said. “I haven’t seen anybody docking here lately.”
John Thomas, a bartender and server at Pirates Grill &Pub, said customers there have been steady.
“If anything, I think it’s the heat that’s drawing people in here,” Thomas said. “To get in the air conditioning and relax.”