Britt tells of her fight for independence

Published 5:14 am Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lifestyles & Features Editor

Jackie Britt is on a mission to help other women in situations in which she once found herself.
“I have a compassion for women who need to have strength,” said Britt, a Florida native who now resides in the Blounts Creek community of Beaufort County. “The Bible talks about weak women who are attracted to certain personalities, and I became a believer in that. I began to see myself in those personalities.”
In order to help other women, Britt has written and published “Overcoming a Weak Willed State of Wind.” The book details her journey from childhood to adulthood and the struggles she faced on the way to becoming a strong and independent woman.
Britt is quick to point out that the circumstances described in the book and the experiences she shares all took place before she met her current husband, Larry, whom she married 12 years ago.
“We found each other when I was finally ready for someone like Larry,” Britt said, a smile lighting up her face.
But in her earlier years, Britt struggled through life.
“I told myself, ‘There’s got to be a better way,’” she recalled. “Everybody has a drug of choice, and my drug of choice was men who were mentally, physically and emotionally abusive. But I chose to break that pattern for my daughter.”
Britt came up with what she calls a “7-Step Program,” much like the program for Alcoholics Anonymous. She copyrighted the material in 2002, but just published the book earlier this year.
“I lost one of my best friends in Florida to cancer last year,” Britt said. “And I decided then that I did not want to leave this world without sharing my story.”
Britt said the friend encouraged her to write the book, to share her story.
“She always said to me, ‘Keep doing good things,’” Britt recalled.
Britt dedicated the book to her late friend, Mary Jeanne Phillips. She writes warmly of her in the opening pages.
“She taught me that I deserved the best life that God has to give and to never settle for less,” Britt writes. “She told me that I was special and could do anything my heart would imagine. She was there when I needed her, and there even when I did not know I did. She seemed to admire my strength, and I hope she knew I got a lot of it from her.”
Britt said the writing process was new to her, but it was one she took to quickly.
“It was hard to start, but once I started it, it only took me six months to finish the book,” she said. “I want people to read this book and pass it forward to someone else who needs it.”
Britt said she found writing the book — and baring her soul — “very healing.”
“Everybody has a book in them,” she said. “I felt I needed to tell my story. I know without a shadow of a doubt there are a lot of women in this situation.”
Britt so strongly believes in her message that she is making herself available to speak to women’s groups. She can be contacted via e-mail at
In the meantime, “Overcoming a Weak Willed State of Mind” can be purchased locally at the following locations: I Can’t Believe It’s A Book Store and Ship on Site in Washington, and Wine &Words in Belhaven