Judge rules in favor of town, Baldwins

Published 9:46 am Wednesday, August 11, 2010

By Staff
A Superior Court judge has ruled in favor of the Town of Bath and the Quarterdeck Marina in a legal matter that had stalled improvements to the marina property.
On Tuesday afternoon, Town Attorney Chip Edwards confirmed he had received an e-mail stating that Judge Marvin Blount had ruled in favor of the town, which had granted permits for certain alterations to the Quarterdeck.
The judge’s ruling was celebrated in an e-mail from Cindy Baldwin, whose family owns and operates the Quarterdeck.
“You know last week I was driving home, and there was this incredible rainbow,” Baldwin wrote. “I hope some of you saw it. Anyway the end of the rainbow ended on the dashboard of my car!! I said wow … some good luck is coming my way. (Right after that I got a flat tire, but that is beside the point.)”
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