Smoke on the Water invades the waterfront

Published 12:26 am Saturday, October 23, 2010

By Staff
Washington Noon Rotary News Release
Wednesday’s final planning session for Smoke On The Water that engaged planners and collaborators was deemed a success, according to Washington Noon Rotary Smoke On The Water Chairman Spencer Stanley.
“We’re ready,” he exclaimed at the end of an extended discussion where final details were work out. “We have 26 pig-cookers and 23 chili-cookers ready to treat Beaufort County to some of the best food they’ve ever tasted.”
In addition to the trophies that await the best entries in each class, the top prizes for barbecue are $1,250 for first place, $900 for second place, $750 for third place and $250 for fourth place.
“We’re giving some top prize money, a lot of green, to attract the best (cooking contestants), and I think we’ve done that really well,” he concluded.
“It’s obvious we’ve done some things right,” Rotary President Jerry Evans noted. “We have more events than ever and more excitement for a great time on the waterfront. And we are especially pleased to offer tailgate packs, something that’s never been done before. Barbecue ready to go to the ECU game or home for dinner and readily available at strategic locations in town.”
Barbecue, prepared by the champion cookers participating in the pig-cooking contest, will be the meat of the meal.
“These are some of the best barbecue-cookers from across the country,” said Washington Noon Rotary President-elect, Frank Belote.
He added, “The cost for two pounds of barbecue, a pint of cole slaw, eight buns, and a 17-ounce bottle of the Original Smoke On The Water Barbecue Sauce is only $20. There’s enough food in this to feed a family and have a little left over.”
Belote noted that if purchased in a local restaurant the cost for such a meal would be at least $30 to $35.
“This barbecue will be cooked by the masters of pig smoking who will tend to their individual pigs from Friday night through contest time Saturday morning,” he said.
Washington Noon Rotary will also have the sauce available for purchase at the festival for $7 per bottle.
Evans reported that the tailgate packs will be available in the parking lots of each of the Food Lion locations in Washington and Chocowinity from about noon to 3 p.m. today.
“They (the tailgate packs) are affordable, they’re really a great deal and an easy tailgate meal to enjoy before the game or for dinner at home Saturday evening,” he added.  
Stanley reported to the planners that they have discovered one glitch in the promotional materials.
“We need to get the word out,” he said. “The Red Clay Ramblers will be on stage at the Turnage at 8, not at 8:30 as was printed on some of advertising documents.”  
In addition to the barbecue and chili competitions, Smoke On The Water will feature 11 teams competing in a fire-truck pull, some great music, the “Ducky Derby,” a 5K race, classic auto show, story-tellers and 34 vendors to add to the overall festival atmosphere. Washington Noon Rotary will have Smoke On The Water T-shirts and hats featuring the colorful Smoke on the Water logo for sale during the event.