Hardison claims BC Idol title

Published 1:41 am Friday, October 29, 2010

Staff Writer

The third-annual Beaufort County Idol was won by Sarah Hardison, who sang “This is My Now” by Jordin Sparks.
The Beaufort County Idol final competition was held Saturday during Smoke on the Water.
Vail Rumley, Beaufort County Idol coordinator, said Hardison’s voice is unique and definitely stood out from the other contestants’ voices.
“She has a very great voice, and she just wowed the audience with it,” Rumley said.
“I kind of knew what to expect since I sang in last year’s Beaufort County Idol,” Hardison said. “I placed second last year, so this was a real treat this year.”
Hardison won a $300 gift certificate for taking the Beaufort County Idol title this year.
Kasey Tooley, who accompanied herself on acoustic guitar, placed second.
“She stood out as well,” Rumley said. “Partly because of her playing of her guitar and singing a song by Taylor Swift, ‘I’d Lie.’ She really got the crowd going as well.”
Elizabeth Williams came in third place with her version of Loretta Lynn’s “You Ain’t Woman Enough to Take my Man.”
“Elizabeth really did a good job as well,” Rumley said. “She really dressed the part as well. She also did some dancing while singing and was really vivacious.
“All of the contestants did a great job.”
 Rumley said although Clifton Royster did not place in the top three spots, “He certainly got the crowd going as they danced to a rousing version of the Temptations’ song, ‘My Girl.’”
“And Zack Kunclrs did a great job as well,” she said. “He wowed the crowd as he sang Elvis’ ‘I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You.’ He even wore a gold lame´ jumpsuit like Elvis. He definitely impressed the judges.”
The remaining contestants were Joseph Conner, William Conner, Hayley Foy, John Furlough, Molly Hardison, Sherman Hoggard, Vicky Respass, April Spear, Kathryn Sugg, Jonah Taylor and Penny Wilson.
Rumley said the Beaufort County Idol competitions will continue because they are proven crowd-pleasers.