Marines come to WYCC for Toys for Tots luncheon

Published 10:58 am Thursday, December 9, 2010

Staff Writer

Several U.S. Marines will be joining more than 100 women from several book clubs in Beaufort County for an annual Toys for Tots luncheon this afternoon.
The Beaufort County Book Club Toys for Tots Christmas Celebration, sponsored by the Tea &Topics Book Club, will be held at the Washington Yacht &Country Club.
Carolyn Wetmore, president of the Tea &Topics Book Club, said the book club has hosted the luncheon for the past four years. This will be the first year the luncheon includes members from 13 book clubs and invited guests, something Wetmore hopes will continue.
“It is the first time we have invited other book clubs to Toys for Tots,” Wetmore said. “But it is a very good thing and for a very good cause. I’m just very thankful that out of the 15 book clubs we contacted, 13 are joining us for lunch and toys.
“Five Marines showed up last year for the toy drive, and this year, because there are so many women in the book clubs that will be there, there will be 15 Marines,” said Wetmore, who has been planning the event since September.
As a group, Tea &Topics decided that all of the book clubs in Beaufort County should get together and get as many toys as they could for the Marines to take for Toys for Tots.
Wetmore said although not all book clubs in the county will have a presence at the luncheon, it remains promising.
“Cindy and Les Sutorius will be playing for the group, as they are both musicians,” Wetmore said. “It’s going to be quite a fun day with music and entertainment.”
Wetmore added that approximately 150 toys will be donated to Toys for Tots.
“The Marines will be introduced by either an officer or a high-ranking enlisted (noncommissioned) officer, and will tell us a bit about themselves,” she said. “You know, where they’re from and what they do in the military. I’m not sure, but I think several of them have been deployed to Iraq.
“I’m just awestruck by the amount of support we’ve had and the women who have given of their time to help with our annual Toys for Tots luncheon.”