Contest winner shares the spirit of Christmas

Published 2:23 pm Thursday, December 23, 2010

Contributing Editor

Tori Woolard not only understands the spirit of Christmas, she personifies it.
When Tori, 8, learned she won a bicycle as one of two winners of the Washington Daily News’ Christmas coloring contest, she decided to donate it to The Salvation Army so it could be given to a needy girl.
“I thought maybe a little girl who’s probably the same age as me probably couldn’t afford one,” said Tori, who lives on Respess Road in Pinetown, when asked what motivated her to donate her prize.
“I’m very proud of her,” said Jennifer Woolard, Tori’s mother, moments after her daughter picked out a metallic pink bicycle at Wal-Mart in Washington, which provided the two bicycles to the contest winners. “She’s always been very thoughtful.”
Lilly Wallace, 7, who lives on Craft Lane in Washington, chose a purple bicycle as her prize.
“I didn’t know — just hoping,” Lilly when asked if she believed her entry had a chance of being selected as one of the two winning entries.
Lilly said her grandmother, Margaret Alligood, a Daily News subscriber, gave her the entry to color and submit to the contest, something she’s done several times.