Beaufort County’s new baby for 2011

Published 4:42 pm Monday, January 3, 2011

Staff Writer

Beaufort County’s first newborn of 2011 is Darius Moore, the son of Cassandra Moore, a mother of five children.
Moore said the last thing she expected was to have her son born New Year’s Day. Darius was born at 9:46 a.m.
“He wasn’t due for another month,” she said Monday. “I didn’t think I’d have had him on the first, but it was very nice to have him.”
Amanda Kinsch, an advertising-and-marketing assistant at Beaufort County Medical Center, said Moore is in good spirits and doing well.
Moore’s doctors at BCMC had to give her a Caesarean section because her blood pressure was high.
“He (Darius) was only 5 pounds, 4 ounces when he was born,” Moore said. “But he’s very healthy and very beautiful.”
Moore said when the doctors perform a C-section, they use “laughing gas” on the patient to help decrease pain. Moore said that although she was given the gas, also known as nitrous oxide, she could feel pain.
“It was as bad as it sounds, but I could still feel the doctors as they pulled my baby from me,” Moore said. “One moment, I was awake and the next moment I was asleep. Then, after that, I just remember being awake and he (Darius) was in my arms. He was so small. And he sure felt like a New Year’s baby.”
Moore and her new son’s birthdays will be about a week apart. Moore’s birthday is Dec. 23.
Gayle Morgan, assistant director of volunteers at Beaufort County Medical Center, presented Moore with a basket of items to recognize her son as the first baby born in Beaufort County in 2011.
Moore and Darius were scheduled to go home today.
Moore has plans to “spoil my baby as much as I can” and get ready for a new year.