Allens seek water, sewer from town

Published 6:57 pm Thursday, January 13, 2011

Staff Writer

BELHAVEN — During the public-comment portion of the Town Council meeting Monday, town resident Ellen Allen talked with the council about property she and her husband, Walt Allen, have leased.
The Allens, owners of Allen Grade and Seed Inc., have a five-year lease agreement with Andrew and Karen Fisher, owners of Soaring Eagle, LLC, for the property located at 248 E. Main St. Water and sewer service to the property has yet to be provided to the property by the town, according to the Allens.
“My husband and I have requested water at 228 E. Main St., which is the lot adjacent to the Fishers’ garage, which is 226 E. Main St.,” Allen said. “We were denied water, and Guinn (Leverett, town manager) did explain to me that their attorney had said because (of) the Fishers’ litigation that he (Leverett) couldn’t discuss it.
“What we’re going to try to do is get this property separated out because it’s not the same property as the garage, and it’s not in the litigation.”
Allen said she and her husband are continuing their efforts to get the town to provide water and sewer service to the property.
“And if we can’t get water there, then we can put a well there,” she said.
The Allens’ business plan for the property calls for putting a business there to service boaters and sell fresh vegetables and plants during the warmer months of the year.
“We think it would be a good addition to the town,” she said. “But when Guinn explained to me why, he said he couldn’t even talk about it. But it is a separate piece of property that is right beside their (Fishers’) lot and garage, but is not included in the litigated piece of property.”
Allen said she and her husband would appreciate any kind of consideration by the council.
Allen she will provide liability insurance during the term of the lease and be responsible for all utilities and improvements.
The lease is contingent on obtaining water for the property, she said.
In a memorandum, Steven Nobles, the town’s finance director, wrote, “Any request for new services, or anything out of the ordinary course of business, for properties owned by Andrew and/or Karen Fisher are to be communicated by their attorney to attorneys for the Town of Belhaven.”
In other business, no member of the public spoke during a hearing on the proposed Beaufort County Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan.
A copy of the plan is available for public review at the Municipal Building, 315 E. Main St., Belhaven. The public is encouraged to review the draft plan and contact Leverett at 252-943-3055, ext. 210, with any questions or concerns about the plan.
Councilman McKee “Mac” Pigott said the mitigation plan “is pretty much a county-wide approved plan that is put forth, I guess, every year. And we have a secret copy of that, and I make a motion that we approve based on what we have received in the past.”
Mayor Adam O’Neal asked for a second to Pigott’s motion. Councilman Steve Carawan seconded Pigott’s motion, and the motion was approved.