Fry ’em up for funding

Published 9:49 pm Sunday, January 30, 2011

Staff Writer

The Boys &Girls Club of Beaufort County held its annual fish-fry fundraiser on Friday, bringing in patrons to feast on fried trout and funds for its coffers.
The fundraiser, held at the club’s locations in Washington and Belhaven, had a goal of raising $3,000.
Plates were $10 each, but each person purchasing a plate has a chance at winning $50 or $100.
“All proceeds will benefit the Boys $ Girls Club,” said Alice Mills Sadler, the executive director who oversees both sites. “We are so close to reaching our targeted $3,000 goal today.”
Jim Smith, a Boys &Girls Club board member, helped fry the fish Friday.
“Here’s the real cook,” he said, pointing to Gaston Collins as he fried some trout. “He’s been out here all day, since 7 o’clock this morning.”
Collins said fries the fish for the fundraiser because he enjoys it and wants to help the club.
Donald Sadler, one of the club’s board member, said volunteers worked all day to help the club meets its sales goal.
“And it looks promising,” he said. “Sales have been great today (Friday).”
“We couldn’t have done this today without our volunteers,” Alice Mills Sadler said. “We’re getting a new van (for the Washington site), and the money raised in Belhaven will go to the Belhaven (site’s) projects.”
Carolyn Moore, vice chairwoman of the board, stayed in the kitchen for the better part of the day, preparing plates as customers stopped by to pick up their orders.
“We’re hoping to sell out of the meals,” she said.
Karen Ball, another board member, said the community’s support for the event was good.
“Many people think that the kids only play basketball here,” Ball said, “but there are programs we have here for them, such as Power Hour, where the kids have to finish their schoolwork before they are allowed to play sports or do any activities.”
Another program Moore and Ball mentioned is Healthy Habits, a program in which club members are given a specific amount of money to buy food for diabetics.
“They are learning which foods are healthy and have to buy the right foods for diabetics,” Ball said. “It’s about making better and healthier food choices.”
The Boys &Girls Club is planning for other fundraising events later this year.